Supply tubes

Cosmetic and pharmaceutical market is a large and dynamic market especially demanding for high quality products and short time delivery.
Flexibility in tubes supply is an important factor for the customer.
We are able to provide a full range of tubes in all dimensions and supply the customer with the final printed product ready for filling.
We print all the tubes with gloss or matt lacquer and combined with flip-top or screw caps and aluminium safety seals or snap on caps with sleeve security.
Tubes are available in all standard sizes, with a choice of caps to suit the needs of every customer.
We also undertake special orders for tubes based on the customer’s choice of colour and cap, using either simple or airless tubes.
Plastic tubes are an excellent choice for the packaging of various creams and gels, offering unique advantages such as:
• Easy use
• Appeal consumers with colour and printing that attracts attention
• Ability to stand alone on the shelf
• Hygienic preservation of the content
• Aluminium safety seals or sleeve on the cap