Printing on glass

Printing on glass Printing on glass allows a greater image size and more impressive colour rendition than can be achieved with any other kind of label.
The vivid colours, the embossed effect of screen printing on the glass, and the easy filling of the product as you avoid the labelling machine process are further benefits of screen printing.
Screen printing for small orders costs a little more, but for larger orders it costs only a few cents more than labels. The result, however, justifies the client’s choice since the simple but detailed illustrations, which can be done even with one or two colours, are not damaged with the passing of time.
We can print on all sizes and shapes of glass.
As every company knows, creating a new high quality brand can be worth much more than the small amount per bottle spent on screen printing. In any case, it is the final design that creates a dynamic, strong and memorable presence on the shelf for every packaging product.