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Our company started its journey in the field of screen printing in 1976 in a small workshop in Byronas Attika. We quickly grew and moved to Argyroupolis. This development and our progress led us in 1986 to settle in a private building in Glyka Nera, Attika where we are till now.

Following the fast changing requirements of the times we upgraded our machinery to modern and high-tech machines, we gradually removed the use of conventional colours in favour of UV technology. So, using all modern means we achieved our goal of facilitating production processes with the best results, while simultaneously reducing customer delivery times.

Customers are looking for high-quality printing on packaging items. The packaging nowadays surpassed the product itself and become an important selling point. Our ultimate goal is to print where others fail!

The method of screen printing made its appearance in China and Japan several centuries ago. In Europe, it began to be used in an experimental way in 1860.
The first industrial applications started in America in 1910 and it developed rapidly during the Second World War. In the 1950s its use spread widely in the production of promotional items and for printing onto objects. Modern screen printing is an integral part of visual communication, although with the advent of digital printing there were some predictions that it would decline in popularity.

In practice, however, screen printing turned out to be an indispensable method which is constantly developing, producing environmentally-friendly products.
We are not just talking about a printing method, but about printing technology itself. The versatility in colour handling and the ability to print on a huge range of materials and shapes increasingly make it the preferred method for reproducing graphics.
Modern screen printing offers new possibilities for unique creative expression which are perfectly adapted to the financial demands of our times.
Screen printing has many strong points, the main one being the unique visual effect it can achieve. The durability of the ink and the vividness of colours which are printable on a huge range of materials and objects, as well as a wealth of choice in special inks, have all contributed to the establishment of screen printing as the ideal method for the manufacture of products with special characteristics. It is a flexible printing technology, unlimited by the thickness or the type and shape of the material to be printed on, and it is an established fact that it is the most effective method of printing on particular products.

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