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Gotsis Silk Screen Printing solutions

Printing packaging solution for high quality projects on cosmetic tubes, glass, plastic and all the kind of different containers .

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What we do:

Gotsis SA is a Silk Screen Printing factory located in Athens. We specialise in printing on different types of materials and shapes where we guarantee an indelible result with remarkable colour fidelity and print detail, that the method of silk screen printing can have.
During our 30 years of working with silk screen printing, we have developed the level of technical expertise and artistry that will guarantee your products will look flawless. Our continues investment in the latest technologies also ensure our clients have access to the latest trends and can keep ahead of your competition.
Printable products:
We can supply you with printed packaging materials that spans from, but not limited to:
Plastic tubes - always in stock - in a variate of sizes: ΜDPE , HDPE, COEX, ABL
Plastic containers in various sizes: PET / PP / PVC / SOFT TOUCH PP / ABS SAN / NYLON / LEXAN / ALYMINIUM Jars: GLASS / METAL
Printing capabilities:
Our extensive and modern equipment allows us to deliver:
• Printing on a variety of shapes such as oval, square, round and anything in between
• Design and colour fidelity end result.
• Up to 6 colours on one printing run.
• Printing with UV and conventional inks.
• Hot-foil stamping on various surfaces, material and foils.
• Gloss and mat result with great opacity.